Suzuki Latex¡¯s Sustainable Supply Chain -Earth-friendly natural rubber finger cots-
Our natural rubber finger cots (SPORE, MASK, SHIELD series) are made from natural rubber (latex) harvested from rubber trees. The rubber tree referred to here is a native Brazilian rubber tree called Hevea, and is a natural material born from the earth and then planted, cultivated, and harvested in Southeast Asia and other countries.

Latex is obtained by slanting the surface of a rubber tree and sagging naturally. Normally, latex begins to degrade when exposed to air, direct sunlight, or water, and can be born from the earth and return to the earth. In addition, most rubber products, including our natural rubber finger cots, are not industrial wastes after use but are transformed into tires, shoes, erasers, etc. as main raw materials for recycling, and then those also are reused as raw materials and heat source.

We will continue further research and development and aim to develop and sell new products that are in line with the SDGs.
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